Workshop Of Bamboo Craft Making

Our trainer team gives the workshop about bamboo preservation and bamboo craft making. We use the Japanese method of bamboo stripes preparation and the combination weaving techniques from Indonesia and Japan.

Workshop goal:

Giving a technical knowledge of making Sabatik bamboo-batik craft.


At the end of the workshop, the trainee will be able to make 1 Sabatik bamboo-batik craft.


1 group consists of maximum 3 trainees with 1 trainer and 1 facilitator. The workshop will be given in 4 days and 8 working hours each day.

Material and tools:

Material will be provided by Sabatik and the material costs will be included in the workshop price. Regarding with tools, you can choose to rent or buy the tools. If you choose to have your own tools, you must order it first before the workshop to be included in workshop total costs. The general tools can be bought in Indonesia but special tools will be ordered from Japan. You can ordered your tools for workshop through Sabatik.

Workshop materials:

Bamboo stripes making, bamboo stripes standardization in measurement and level of fineness, the weaving process of bamboo stripes, the combining process of bamboo stripes and batik stripes or batik fabrics.

Price is upon request, please fill free to contact us via the contact section in this website.