Tools for making bamboo craft
Japanese saw 9,5 inch ryoba double edgeCutting the bamboo pole
Bamboo cutting knife 150 MM AJG 020102Cutting and making the bamboo stripes

Habatori blades

Habatori – mentori

It is the process of stardardizing the bamboo stripes into one measurement and standardizing its level of refinement

Scribe compassTo make a circle in bamboo weaving processl

Vernier calipers

Sigma Tora Jangka Sorong Premium 6 inch

To measure the width of the stripes needed or other elements’ measurement
Urasuki-senTo sharpen the urasuki part which is the flat part of japanese blade
Bamboo stripes weight made from stone

To put on the top of weaving element to hold its position when making bamboo craft

Pruning shears 18.0 Matsukaze koryu 165 MM stainless steelTo cut the bamboo stripes
Small knifeTo cut the bamboo stripes in the context of tiding them up in weaving composition
AwlTo untying knots in bamboo weaving or opening holes
KujiriTo untying knots in bamboo weaving or opening holes